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Are you curious about getting a facelift, but hesitant to go under the knife? A laser-assisted face lift could be the answer you’ve been seeking. The Endolift® laser system contours and tightens skin from the inside out, without the need for invasive surgery. Call Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill in Spring Hill, Tennessee, or book your laser-assisted facelift consultation online to learn more.

Laser-Assisted Face Lift Q&A

What is a laser-assisted facelift?

Laser-assisted facelifts combine elements of a traditional facelift with laser technology. Using specialized laser wavelengths, the team at Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill can help you achieve tighter, lifted skin without surgery.

Traditional facelifts are surgical procedures that remove excess skin to treat signs of aging. They often come with a long recovery period, and they’re not a good option for every patient. 

Laser-assisted facelifts are different. The procedure is minimally invasive, yet it remodels the skin from the inside out. Laser skin tightening is a great option for people who are experiencing skin laxity and wrinkling due to the natural aging process.

The treatment tightens skin and removes localized fat from the midface, lower face, and neck. Depending on your needs, laser technology can also improve skin and reduce fat on small areas across the body.

What are the benefits of a laser-assisted facelift?

At Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill, the team uses Endolift to deliver a facelift effect without invasive cosmetic surgery. Advantages of choosing the laser-assisted Endolift facelift include:

  • No incisions
  • No anesthesia
  • Immediate improvement in the skin’s appearance
  • Long-lasting results

There’s no need for incisions or sutures with Endolift, so there’s no pain associated with a healing incision and no scarring. The procedure occurs in an outpatient setting, and results are often visible immediately.

What can I expect if I get a laser-assisted Endolift facelift?

Endolift is a powerful laser system that targets sagging skin. Most people only need one Endolift treatment to see noticeable results.

If you choose Endolift, your aesthetician inserts tiny micro-optical fibers in specific areas around your face. The laser creates micro tunnels through the top layer of skin and works to remodel both deep and superficial layers for long-lasting results. 


  • Tones skin
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Reduces excess fat where necessary

You have the option to add LIGHTSCAN™, a fractional laser treatment that resurfaces skin and enhances the results of your cosmetic procedure. 

There’s no long recovery period with an Endolift laser-assisted facial. You leave the office as soon as your procedure is over, and you can return to your daily activities within a few hours.

Results are often visible immediately, and they only get better with time. Collagen continues building deep within your skin over the following months, and you continue enjoying firmer, tighter skin.

Along with Endolift laser-assisted facelift procedures, numerous other skin treatments are available at Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill. Ask your aesthetician about maintaining healthy skin with the help of a ZO® Skin Health regimen, dermal fillers, or PRP facial.

Achieve a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery. Find out if a laser-assisted facelift is right for you by booking a consultation online or over the phone at Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill.

*Individual results may vary.