Andrew K Averett, MD

Aesthetics Medicine located in Spring Hill, TN


Dr. Andy Averett

Dr. Andy Averett is Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine.  He is a widower who was born in Linden, TN in 1960, and is the proud father of two children.  He received his MD from The University Of Tennessee Center For Health Science. He has practiced for thirty years in general medicine and emergency room and served as Chief of staff at  Perry Community hospital. Dr. Averett is the past medical director of Buffalo Valley, Inc. Current medical director at Mending Hearts, Inc. Practicing addictionologist at Cedar Recovery in Columbia, TN.

Dr. Averett decided to pursue his career in medical aesthetics due to the desire to perform technical  procedures that enhance the self confidence of others. He loves the art of Aesthetics, and the ability to make men and women of all ages smile. While making others happy, he loves to see the results of unique treatments that he offers.  Improving patient self esteem is his primary focus at Modern Aesthetics Of Spring Hill.