LASEmaR® 1500


This laser treatment offers fractional remodeling, acne scars, skin pigmentation, skin tightening procedures, and pore reduction. The laser frequency will target the pigment for removal or depth of scar for collagen formation.  The downtime of the procedure will depend on the depth of resurfacing discussed in your initial consultation, and at that time we will determine how many treatments are needed for optimal results. This procedure is safe on all skin types with proper prepping of the skin with our medical grade skin care.  Non-ablative fractional resurfacing can generate microscopic columns of coagulated tissue through the epidermis and dermis to evoke a wound healing response. This in turn builds collagen degradation and skin response to tighten and plump. Downtime will consist of some flaking, peeling, and redness during the healing process. Post care will be needed at the time of service.

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