Acne can affect any age.  It’s a condition that doesn’t discriminate Race or gender.  Acne can be suffered from adolescence to adults. Acneic symptoms are brought on from over production of oil in the dermis and a buildup of dead skin cells in the epidermis.  The blocking of dead skin cells can cause pustular lesions or cysts under the skin. Excess sweat and dirt contribute to acne breakouts causing redness and inflammation that is painful to the touch.  Using solutions that reduce sebum production is the first step In effectively treating active acne. Active acne can cause texture issues and scarring in 90% of patients. We not only treat grades 1-4 Acne, but can effectively treat the post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) left behind as well as acne scarring. Find out which comprehensive treatment plan will work best for you by scheduling a consultation with Modern Aesthetics today.  

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